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When you have received a guilty verdict in a criminal case or had an unfavorable outcome in a civil or administrative case, you may think that you have lost and the process is over. However, many cases can be appealed and the judgment may be overturned. An experienced Oakland County MI appellate attorney can discuss the specifics of your case with you and whether an appeal is appropriate in your particular case.

How Is Appellate Law Different Than Trial Law?

Trial law focuses on the presentation of legal arguments, evidence and testimony during the trial process. Your lawyer advocates for your position in court. You might testify and other witnesses often testify in the case. The judge or jury renders a final verdict.

Appellate law is concentrated on whether any mistakes were made during the trial process and whether these mistakes resulted in an unjust outcome. You may play little part in this aspect of the case. Your lawyer largely advocates for your position by preparing briefs to the appellate court, which consists of one or more judges who review the formal record of your case and the arguments from your lawyer and the opponent. The appellate court can affirm the decision, remand the case to the lower court or overrule the decision.

Some arguments that an Oakland County Michigan appellate attorney may make in your case include:

  • The judge gave the jury the wrong instructions, resulting in the wrong outcome
  • The judge granted a summary judgment based on insufficient evidence
  • The court did not have proper jurisdiction of the case or the right to hear the case
  • The jury verdict was too low or excessive to be fair
  • The judge made an error in the law which harmed your position at trial
  • The judge made an error regarding the admission or exclusion of evidence
  • The judge did not follow the proper civil or criminal procedure
  • Why Hire Howard Lederman for Your Appeal

    Mr. Lederman is a knowledgeable and experienced Oakland County MI appellate lawyer who focuses primarily on appellate practice and legal writing. Due to his in-depth understanding and vast experience in the appellate law arena, he is constantly contacted by other lawyers for help with their cases. He has represented individuals, corporations and nonprofit organizations.

    His detailed legal writing allows him to support his clients’ positions effectively, even under tight deadlines. His firm has more than 30 years of appellate experience in the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and Michigan appellate courts.

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