My firm does not use “meataxe” approach. My firm does not determine the applicable charges and rates without your input.

Attorney Fees and Outside Costs

But each appeal involves two kinds of expenses: Attorney fees and outside costs. Attorney fees are fees that you pay me for my appellate services. Outside costs are costs that my firm advances on your behalf subject to your later reimbursement to prepare, begin, and maintain the appeal. The leading examples of outside costs are:

Fees for obtaining the lower court (or arbitration or administrative) proceeding transcripts from the court reporters or other sources.

Charges for obtaining other lower court (or arbitration or administrative) proceeding documents.

Fees for filing your Notice of Appeal, Claim of Appeal, or similar document in the appellate court.

The main factors in determining your appellate attorney fees are:

The length of your lower court (or arbitration or administrative) proceeding.

The complexity, difficulty, novelty, and simplicity of the claims, defenses, and issues involved.

The amount time that completing your appeal’s steps outlined below will probably take.