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Experienced Appellate Attorney in Oakland Changes Everything

The Decision to Appeal

The case has been decided by a lower court and there were problems with what happened. An appeal is the only course of action now. Choosing an is the best course of action now. An appellate attorney understands what is at stake experienced Appellate Attorney and what it takes when it comes to getting a case appealed and won. Too much is at stake to take any unnecessary chances.

Experienced Legal Counsel With A Winning Record

No one can guarantee an outcome in court. It is always a 50-50 proposition at best. In an Appeals court the odds can be more like 70-30 or even 80-20 against the appellate. That is why only an experienced appellate attorney will offer the greatest chance for overturning a conviction or judgment issued by a court or an administrative law judge. In Michigan criminal cases, only one Oakland County criminal appeal attorney offers the best chance for success. With so much at risk, it is only logical to seek an experienced and knowledgeable appellate attorney like Howard Lederman in Oakland County.

Successful Appellate Filings

A general services law firm can handle divorces, DUI's, and drawing up contracts easily but when it comes to handling an appeal on a criminal, civil, employment, or Intellectual Property case, the game changes significantly. General-purpose attorneys do not know the complexities of an appeal. Lederman Law has specialized in appeals cases. The intricacies of time, documents, and processes in an appeal are vastly different than what occurs in the initial case. It is critical to understand the entire legal landscape if an appeal is to be successful. Only a law firm with many successful appeals will do. That is why clients contact Lederman Law. Howard Lederman has a track record of proven success.

Submitting Appellate Briefs for Decades

Decades of Experience For over 30 years, the attorneys at Lederman Law have made a difference for their clients. Every case is different and each jurisdiction has its own set of rules and procedures. An experienced appellate attorney can make headway where many average attorneys get stuck. Representation that is professional, diligent, and skilled can succeed where others would fail. There is only one opportunity to have a case heard by an Appeals court and it takes a well-written legal brief to start the process. If the brief is not airtight, the appeal will fail and probably never be heard in open court. The best legal counsel to write and submit the all-important appeal brief is Lederman Law firm.

Professional Representation in Michigan Courts

The decision to appeal a case may be hard but the decision regarding which law firm to hire for the appeal is not. Lederman Law has successfully represented clients in big and small cases and overturned difficult judgments. Howard Lederman has overcome huge odds winning cases other attorneys thought were unwinnable. It is not the size of the case that matters, it is the outcome and in Appeals law, there is only one measuring stick attorneys can be rated with... wins! When a case needs to go to an Appellate court, the smart choice is Lederman Law. Clients can receive a Free Consultation by going online to www.thewriteattorney.com or by emailing the firm at ledermanlaw@gmail.com. Clients are also encouraged to call the office at 248-639-4696 to speak with the finest Oakland County Appeal lawyer available.

Benefits of Working with
Howard Lederman

For decades, Howard Lederman has been practicing appellate law with a meticulous eye for detail and a penchant for writing airtight briefs. When everything is up against you and you’re not sure where to turn, you need the best that there is, and that’s Howard Lederman.

With only one opportunity to file your appeal, you cannot afford to waste it by going with a less competent or under experienced attorney. When you’re about to go all in at the appellate level, you need the best attorney out there. You need the “write” attorney for your appeal! Read More +

Kheireddin Hamade, et al, v Sunoco, Inc, Appellate Brief of Plaintiffs-Appellants:

Though not successful, this appellate brief presents Defendant’s position in the best light possible. This appellate brief illustrates my appellate advocacy in a combined new law and unfavorable fact situation. The Court’s decision has become an influential franchise law decision nationwide. The decision has impacted on appellate and trial court decisions and parties’ briefs nationwide. The decision has generated much law journal comment and controversy.

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Are you dissatisfied with the ruling on your case? Do you wish the outcome could have been reversed? Well, thanks to Lederman Law, it can! The appeals system is complex and wrought with difficulty, which is exactly why you need the foremost expert in the field on your side.



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